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Sustainability as a concept has been adopted by businesses and economies to mitigate risk and spur long-term growth & profits. As a result, it has become necessary to transition away from an older economic model (aka shareholder capitalism) that enabled a limited number of entities and individuals at the expense of the environment and society as a whole.  

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Who We Are?

Think Sutineri is an ESG advisory services firm that provides specialized sustainability|ESG services to investors and businesses in Morocco and Africa.

Who Do We Serve?

Moroccan companies and Canadian investors & businesses looking to operate in Morocco.

Shareholder Capitalism

Necessary Transition

Stakeholder Capitalism

Shareholder capitalism or capitalism as we know it:  When corporations consider the interest of shareholders ahead of that of other stakeholders.

Stakeholder capitalism requires business leaders to define their mission as creating long-term value not only for shareholders but also for customers, suppliers, employees, communities, and others.  

Our Mission

Through good ESG practices, we aim to enable businesses to create a positive environmental and social impact wherever they operate while they become more profitable.

Our Vision

Contribute to a sustainable Morocco and Africa by enabling businesses to create a positive environmental and social impact while driving profitability.

Our Values

We care about sustainable Morocco and Africa.

Envision Future

Be the market leader in Africa and beyond for a company's need to layout a sustainability strategy.

Why Us?

Think Sustineri team has extensive experience in sustainability and insight to understand the business landscape in Canada and Morocco.

A Rapidly Changing Economic Environment

Customers want to align their values with their purchasing power; buyers are more likely to spend their money on a sustainable company

Morocco has made firm commitments to the 2015 Paris Accord & the UN SDGs 2030 Agenda.  

In their commitment to becoming carbon neutral, a growing number of countries are introducing a carbon tax on goods & services with a high emission intensity.

Asset managers & private equity investors rely on ESG factors in their investment processes when allocating capital.  Historical data shows that sustainable companies are better equipped to mitigate risk and generate higher than average returns.

Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer optional but a must for companies, should they want to be competitive. A corporate strategy that is ESG informed means lower long term costs and growing customer base

Who are the stakeholders?


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