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Think Sustineri advises Moroccan companies on developing sustainability strategies and successfully implementing them.  Our advisory services include, but are not limited to:


Think Sustineri advises Canadian & foreign investors on generating social and environmental impact alongside financial returns while investing in Morocco.  Our advisory services include, but are not limited to:

Company & Industry Specific Analysis

Develop a strategy

Map and prioritize the issues & opportunities

Identify key ESG risks and opportunities

Collect data from relevant stakeholders

Materiality Assessment

We help Canadian investors and Moroccan businesses understand the rapidly changing landscape from a sustainability lens in a Moroccan & regional context and what it would take to survive and thrive in today’s economy where sustainability is not optional anymore.  The materiality assessment is a multipronged approach geared towards helping investors and businesses with the following:​

Report & Communicate

We help companies amplify their value proposition by disclosing their commitment to sustainability.


Why communicate your commitment to ESG?

The EU, Morocco’s most significant partner, is committed to climate neutrality through its Green Deal!

81% of global consumers seek value-driven companies!


The intention behind sustainability disclosures is to help companies create and maintain a positive ESG impact on the broader society while becoming more profitable.

Yesterday's Business Practices Will Not Guarantee Tomorrow's Success

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